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Bridging Chandni Chowk – Easy Flow of Traffic and Safe Transportation at the Chaotic Road Junction

  The western gateway to Pune – Chandni Chowk will soon going be rid of the chaotic snarls and endless traffic and road safety issues, with the heralding of the

The 5 Most Luxurious Homes

Source: Venkateshwara Realty When you are a billionaire, it pretty much means that you can afford just about everything money can buy. And, while many billionaires around the world are

Adding Luxury to a Living Space – 5 Luxury Home Trends for 2017

Source: Venkateshwara Realty Luxury often means different things to different people, especially when it comes to home décor. While materials such as marble, velvet, crystal, silk and others are commonly used

Life on the Outskirts of Pune

When it comes to buying a luxury villa to reside in, there are some who tend to thrive off a bustling city life and choose to live their lives in concrete

Growing Trend of Luxury Branded Furniture

Source: Venkateshwara Realty Seven years ago, when the British furniture retailer International Furniture Brands opened its outlet in Bangalore, one of its first few customers were a businessman and his

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